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Naruto OC Silk threading clan by Shii7 Naruto OC Silk threading clan by Shii7
12/5/09This is an entry to :iconmockingbyrd:'s contest. I will finish the rest of the coloring, but I feel extremely sick, (binge eating at night is bad guys ):) and I have lot's of homework to do. It doesn't help that I screwed up my layers, so I can't color it properly. I'll have to work on that but it will take a while. So I'll try to update it when I can, but in the mean time I SHALL ENTRE* THE CONTEST! (I also have to add the kanji to all this..>_<)

Name: Kinuito Dokumo (silk threading earth spider) @_@
Age: 14
Blood Type: B
Rank: Genin
Residence: Iwagakure, Tsuchi no Kuni
Chakra Nature: Earth
Nin: 3.5

Clan: Kinuito Dokumo is from the silk weaving clan Kinuito. They specialize in traps, and making silk. Their names always follow with "kumo" or "gumo" at the end. When Kinuito clan members are born, they are always premature. They have a extra chromosome in their DNA which does not allow them to breed outside their clan. The resulting generation are inbreeds, are born premature (problems in DNA etc etc..).In order to survive they are placed in a cocoon made of silk and chakra to fully grow. The Clan utilize silk, spiders, traps and occasionally a transformation (no not mary sue or gary stu) jutsu. This clan do not like Uchiha, Kikaichu, Hyuuga, or any sensor or chakra seeing clan/individuals.

Jutsu: Dokumo can use basic Earth jutsu and his Clan's jutsu. (I won't add the basic ones.) His fighting style is long range.

Earth Style Camouflage Technique: Dokumo uses this to hide when making traps.

Sticky Sacrifice-The enemy is engulfed in a silk cocoon, and movement is slowed by 66% (opponent). Their chakra is slowly drained off of them and can be easily transferred to the clan member. This move can be countered due to its slow speed.

Sticky Thread-Clan members can use silk threads from their wrists (shown on picture). The threads are can stick to anything and can be controlled by chakra. It will not stick if the enemy uses their chakra against it.

Earth Style Pitfall technique-A sudden pitfall is summoned to wherever nearby location is desired. The farther, the more chakra needed.

Sticky Trap-A trap. A web like structure is used to trap the opponent. The bigger, the more time needed. Chakra on the feet can be used to counter the stickiness.

Kinuito Clan's defense technique: Clan members engulf themselves in silk cocoons. They use this to protect themselves, and heal slowly.

Kinuito Clan's Offensive Technique: Clan members engulf themselves in silk cocoons once again. This time they will undergo a transformation (remember that extra chromosome?). They will have 4 extra eyes, their sclera will turn dark and their pupil a bright color. Their hairs become denser than before. They sprout extra arms (weaker 2arms-stronger4). They increase in speed and attack. This jutsu takes lots of chakra, and members cannot fully use it's potential. This is why this jutsu is only used as a last resort (Power), or fleeing technique. (Speed) This can be easily countered by stopping the slow transformation of the cocoon.

Personality: Dokumo likes to succeed, and succeed well. He does not like it when people are in the way of..anything really. He appears to be cold and merciless to his opponents. He will work well with others, as long as his conditions are followed. He can be stubborn, cocky (arrogant bastard @_@), and a tease.
His biggest pet peeves is when his traps do not work or fail to activate.

Hobbies: Playing Cat's Cradle, Planning new traps..
Favorite Food: Blood Pudding on Rice
Lease Favorite: Leafy Greens

~THAT'S IT. If theres more I'll write down the clan info somewhere else. ANY QUESTIONS PLEASE FEEL FREE TO ASK (:


Artwork, Character, and Clan idea belongs to :iconshii7:

Naruto Copyright of Kishimoto
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I like this clothes style :)
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